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DIY Window Message Board

In crafts, diy on May 14, 2009 at 2:38 am


This post appeared this morning on one of my all time favorite blogs, design sponge. I have always loved old windows and now I have a wonderful purpose for them! Enjoy!


What you’ll need:

1. An old window or picture frame
2. Fabric for background and fabric for appliqué (if using)
3. Fusible webbing such as steam a seam if adding an appliqué
4. Scissors
5. Staples and staple gun


What to do:

1. I already had this old window but you could use any sort of window or decorative frame – even spray paint it to add a splash of color. I like the rustic look and left mine as is. Measure the frame and add about a ½” to the dimensions and then cut your background fabric down to size.
2. Next cut out some interesting flowers or a piece of embroidery for your appliqués, I used a vintage bed linen and just cut around a few of the designs.
3. Now you are going to want to iron your appliqués to the fusible webbing, each product is a little different so follow the manufacturer’s instructions and then iron the appliqués onto the background fabric however you choose. You could also embroider around the appliqués for texture and security but I didn’t this time.
4. Now iron the entire piece of fabric as smooth as possible and clean the window glass with glass cleaner.
5. Lay the window face down on a flat surface and place the finished fabric face down on top. You’re going to begin stapling the fabric to the window by placing a staple at the top middle and then stretching the fabric and place one middle bottom. Next add a staple on the middle of each of the two sides; the idea is to simply secure the fabric evenly. Next stretch the fabric tight and work your way around the window stapling the entire piece of fabric onto your frame so that it looks tight. Trim any extra fabric.
6. Go crazy making notes with dry erase markers!

Enjoy your new message board!


Markets and Estate Sales

In Chic, crafts, furniture, saving money on March 8, 2009 at 6:13 am

wimberly-marketI don’t know about you, but I absolutely love outdoor markets. Yep, all of them. Farmer’s, Antique, if its outside, I’m sure I’ll love it. Yesterday Chris, our friends Chris and Christina and I went to Wimberly (a town about an hour out of Austin) Market-Days. This is an outdoor knick knack and and any antique you could imagine fair thats held once a month. I found a burnt orange/grey/cream jacket that fit perfectly for $0.50! Yes, less than a dollar. Chris came away with a 1926 yearbook and our friend Chris and Christina also made out like bandits. And they have sno cones. What more can a girl ask? So find your local market and there early if you are hard core or wander in after noon like we did and cruise the stalls for those hidden, overlooked gems.

Sewing and knitting classes

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I’ve been thinking long and hard about these things called sewing machines. I had one a friend lent me for a few months and I tried to figure it out, but it escaped me. Then I took a class! It was $55 (I know a little steep right?) and I came out of it with a pair of pajamas and the confidence to come home and try again. So I’m now on the hunt for sewing classes in my area. I also have a basic knowledge of knitting and am therefore looking for that as well. I think I’ve moved to an area that loves crafty-ness and I’ve decided to embrace it. So here’s my $0.02. Yelp has been a godsend. Search for sewing, knitting classes, fabric store or yarn stores. If the fabric stores don’t offer classes, they will know someone who does. Not that sewing or knitting is for everyone, but if my boyfriend can knit, can’t most people? And on the upside, I’ve found much less expensive classes here in Austin $20 for a 2 hour knitting class and $40 for a sewing class.Happy crafty-ness!

V-Day Crafts: Ribbon Greeting Card

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Project by Kathryn Perkins.

Bright pinks, reds and oranges make an up-to-the-minute statement about Valentine affections. This delightfully simple greeting uses lovely ribbon and hand-made embellishments to express a Valentine sentiment.


card stock: red, pink
5/8″ wide bright pink satin ribbon
1/2″ heart-shaped punch
craft knife
scoring tool
double-stick adhesive sheet or at least 1/2″ wide tape
rubber cement
clear glass microbeads
Impress Rubber Stamps “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Your friendship warms my heart” stamps
ink pads: red, white
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V-Day Crafts

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Martha Stewart

Felt Fortune Cookies from "The Martha Stewart Show"

From: Martha Stewart Show

Felt Fortune Cookies from “The Martha Stewart Show”

Felt Fortune Cookie How-To 1. Using fabric shears, cut a 4 1/2-inch-diameter circle from a piece of felt. Cut a piece of matching ribbon slightly shorter than 4 1/2 inches.

Using wire cutters, cut a piece of floral wire slightly shorter than the length of ribbon.

2. Using craft glue, affix the wire to the middle of the felt circle. Glue ribbon on top, covering the wire. Let dry 30 minutes. 3. Fold the felt circle in half, using the wire as a guide, so ribbon is inside cookie. Next, angle the sides toward each other, bending the wire at its halfway point and forming a fortune-cookie shape, as shown. 4. Assemble the fortune cookies. Carefully peel back one flap of the felt cookie, and insert a paper fortune and a few candies. Fold the flap back over to close cookie around contents.

Organizing on a Dime

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In this month’s ShopSmart ;) Magazine, they offer some really cool concepts on how to organize everything from hair dryers to sock drawers. Enjoy!


1. Shoe boxes

Cost: Free!
Best for: Office and craft supplies, CDs, TV remotes, travel-size toiletries, and other small items.
Why they Work:You can spend as much as $20 on fancy, store-bought boxes, but shoe boxes work just as well. They’re sturdy, stackable, and fit nicely on a shelf. (Usually the pricier the shoe, the sturdier the box.) “They keep spaces like closets really well organized and are an excellent way to
quickly subdivide the stuff,” says Julie Morgenstern, author of “Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life” (Simon & Schuster, 2009).


Give shoe boxes a makeover with wrapping paper, contact paper, fabric, or even leftover wallpaper, and they’ll look like pricey store-bought storage boxes. Vinyl contact paper adheres tightly and can actually strengthen the
box. “Make sure to cover the bottom too,” Morgenstern says. To replicate boxes with window labels, attach adhesive-backed clear plastic sleeves sold for loose-leaf binders at office-supply stores.

2. Acrylic cubbies

Cost: About $15 to $25, depending on the size.
Best for: Makeup, desk-drawer essentials (paper clips, pens, pencils, post-it notes, stamps), or vanity clutter like perfume bottles and jewelry.
Why they Work: The see-though compartments come in a variety of boxy shapes and sizes that can give a vanity or desk drawer a fast makeover, and they have flush edges so they can be placed close
together in a drawer. “What’s nice is this system can grow with your needs, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and put it away,” says Ilene Drexler, owner of The Organizing Wiz, a consulting firm in New York City.


Keep lipstick and nail polish in the small cubbies, makeup brushes in the long ones. Or you can turn a dresser drawer into a customized jewelry  warehouse. “Measure your drawer space, then see what size compartments you’ll need–necklaces in one size, bracelets and earring in others–before you head to the store,” Morgenstern says.

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For those crafty types

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