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JC Penny Skirts Rock

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Chic Shirt

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Ferris WheelI found this lovely at Forever 21 for 13.50. Need I say more?

Holy Stripes Batman! Express has awesome stripes for a steal!

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Striped dress...Pink candy stripesblack and bluePinkie Cardigan

So over the very distant holiday weekend I went to express and made out like a bandit. My friend and I had a coupon for $50 0ff $150 and we found a very large collection of items at 40% off on top of it. When all was added, we saved about 80%. This was quite a feat and I doubt to repeat it ever again, but I will say that express still has great sale items… like these little striped numbers I’ve shown above.

Tracy Feith for Target: Fun Summer Outfits

In Chic, clothing on May 19, 2009 at 6:00 am

Yellow Mod Shift Dress

Strapless black number and bright floral jacket

Strappy floral dress with retro sweater

I love these little summer dresses and tops coming from Tracy Feith for Target. She is the 15th high-end designer for target and I like where target is going with all of this. Now, not all of the designs are stellar, but the fact that Alexander McQueen will present them with something that is slightly reminiscent of his RTW lines, is awesome. Above, the Yellow Shift Dress $24.99, The little black dress $44.99 and Bright floral jacket $44.99, and the little strappy floral dress with retro sweater $29.99-$39.99 are all a great start for a summer wardrobe.

Forever 21 New Finds

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The prices of the above items are as follows: Little ruffled yellow dress $22.80,Side Tie Striped Slub Top 13.80, Grey Button-Up $11.80, Satin Turquoise Top $17.80, Sexy little black skirt $9.80! (that’s the price of lunch!), Wide Leg Linen Pants $29.00. Sigh, even at these prices, we still need furniture in our house. But if I just get the little skirt, I don’t think he’ll even notice!

New York & Co: Affordable Basics

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Shirt Dress

I am not entirely sure how I feel about New York & Company, but I do know that these little dresses are (from top to bottom) $34.95, $39.86 and $38.46. And there little tank tops are going for close to nothing… many under $10 and most under $20. So check them out, I am seriously considering that little graphic print dress.

Ruche is gorgeous

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anguilla long striped tunic

Latte Polkadot DressHigh Waisted Grey Bow Skirt

“Ruche: (pronounced roosh) A ruffle or pleat of lace, muslin or other fine fabric used to decorate clothes” is the definition that graces the first page of this lovely online boutique. I was certain these would be far above my price range, and imagine my surprise when the prices of the above items were as follows: Striped tunic $32.99, Little polka dot dress $34.99 and skirt, $36.99. (Click the pics above to go to the site directly and purchase)

This site’s motto is “A modern boutique with a vintage touch” and you see this touch throughout the entire site. I want to plan my entire wardrobe from their items and had to stop myself from getting into trouble. Ruche is here to stay and thank goodness it’s affordable!

Kohls Cute Looks for Under $200

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dress_rich_kohls_ww dress_rich_kohls_weekdress_rich_kohls_evening

This set of very cute clothes was featured in Shape Magazine this month. They also have selections from Express and KMart, but I found this one to by my personal favorite. Happy shopping!

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So here we are again, looking for the ultimate sale on Chanel, YSL, etc. This time on haute look. It’s based on a count down where certain lines go on sale for three days at a time, keeping the merchendise fresh and interesting. It’s fun to scout, and believe me, there are times when you do find awesome, affordable items. So check it out and tell me what you think.

P.S. The dresses above are $70 and $85. I can’t wait to grab one.

Loomstate for Target

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loomstate-for-target-9loomstate-targetOk, I take the previous comment back. Target is not doing everything well. The loomstate line seems overly casual and uninspired.  Did anyone else see that plaid semi-grunge is trying to make a comeback? Oh no, run! Loomstate makes wonderful, comfortable,  high end jeans. Too bad the Target line is lackluster.