My Thrifty Life: Inspired by Mighty Life List

In Chic, life on November 2, 2009 at 3:55 am

I read mighty girl religiously and have fallen in love with her “mighty list” which lists 100 things she wants to do in her lifetime. I decided to make my own. I hope you make one too!


PS I really have never done any of the things I haven’t crossed off… even climbed a tree or gone camping. Seriously.

100 Things to Do Before I Go:

Build a tree house, plant a tree, have a child,  be a mentor, live without any possessions, spend one day with my eyes closed, give someone hope, record a phenomenon, sleep in a castle, take part in a ceremony, inspire 100 people, make one place besides my own more beautiful, pick my own flowers for my table, own a claw foot bathtub, live near my Mom again, cross America in a convertible, read all of Hemingway and Hesse, get a dog again, develop photos in a darkroom I built, make ice cream, climb a tree, bake bread, go camping, play tennis, learn how to throw a softball, see penguins in real life, sew, play 18 holes or real (not mini) golf…

Try escargot, cross the Canadian border, pick apples from an orchard, make a pie from scratch, go on a cruise, snorkel, visit a tropical island, write a book, curate an art show, roam the hills of ireland, see Japan and visit the Tsukiji Fish Market, own an apartment in paris, photograph the Mayan temples, grow a fruit tree, sell a photograph, see an opera, wander the Uffizi , sing in the rain, see the pope, take communion in Norte Dame, see the Mona Lisa , visit the Gustav Klimt museum in Austria, stand underneath the Sistine Ceiling,  go to Bilbao, see Guernica, take pictures in Cuba, learn how to tie a sari in India, see my grandchildren, be conversational in French and Italian, own a car made before 1969, see a volcano, see a Broadway show, plant tulips, donate regularly to charity, have a honeymoon, go berry picking, publish something, run naked in the rain, checjk out my heritage in Puerto Rico, gamble in Las Vegas, see the top of the empire state building and the statue of liberty, drink out of a coconut, go backpacking in the wilderness, have a martini on a rooftop bar, fix up a fixer-upper, take a vacation with my girl friends, attend a silent retreat, paint a portrait, watch the sunrise from atop a mountain, live a full life free of regret.

  1. Hey, thanks! Good luck on your list. I love “Pick my own flowers for my table.” Go, you!

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