Sewing and knitting classes

In clothing, crafts on March 5, 2009 at 8:05 am


I’ve been thinking long and hard about these things called sewing machines. I had one a friend lent me for a few months and I tried to figure it out, but it escaped me. Then I took a class! It was $55 (I know a little steep right?) and I came out of it with a pair of pajamas and the confidence to come home and try again. So I’m now on the hunt for sewing classes in my area. I also have a basic knowledge of knitting and am therefore looking for that as well. I think I’ve moved to an area that loves crafty-ness and I’ve decided to embrace it. So here’s my $0.02. Yelp has been a godsend. Search for sewing, knitting classes, fabric store or yarn stores. If the fabric stores don’t offer classes, they will know someone who does. Not that sewing or knitting is for everyone, but if my boyfriend can knit, can’t most people? And on the upside, I’ve found much less expensive classes here in Austin $20 for a 2 hour knitting class and $40 for a sewing class.Happy crafty-ness!


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