Thrifty City?

In Chic on February 16, 2009 at 2:16 pm

“Oh Austin?” People ask when I tell them I’ll be moving from sunny CA to sunnier TX in just a few weeks. And then I launch into the top 5 reasons I’m excited about the move… by the time I’m done, they want to hop on the van and move with me!
1. Housing Cost… I mean buying a nice house for 200,000 or less?? yep. In Santa Cruz the median house cost is 850,000! That’s pretty Thrifty if you ask me!

2. Antique and Boutique Culture: There is a keep it local, diy and reuse mantra in Austin that I look forward to tapping into. They also love being “weird” meaning original.. think funky little shops… I hope.
3. Being closer to the rest of the country: New Orleans is 8 hours away… not bad for a weekend!
4. Access to FREE awesome music. Austin is the capitol of live music and there is always something going on there.
5. Art Galleries and Museums rock too and have one free day a month! Nice.

  1. i can’t wait to come and visit!

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