Saving Money on Clothing

In clothing on January 31, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Burberry Trench

I like the thrill of new clothes, shoes, bags, or even books. I find myself “needing” quite a few items the very moment  my paycheck hits the bank. Shoes on sale, sweaters, etc. So when it comes to clothes, I honestly try my best to save as much money as possible. And although these suggestions may be familiar, one can never be reminded too much!

1. Discount Stores: If you remember my previous post about Ross, then you know how I feel about these types of stores. I found a gorgeous Calvin Klein suit from Ross for $31. I also absolutely love their kitchen items. I won’t always find what I need, but for sheets, spatulas and the like, I’ve found nothing better. Similar stores such as Marshalls also produce great stuff. Yes you may have to look around a bit, but hey, its worth it.

2. Consignment:I’ve found coach bags and seven jeans at high end used or consignment stores. My favorite used clothing store in town is Crossroads Trading Co. They always have gorgeous clothing for under $30. They also have a good supply of accessories and other fun things.

3. Goodwill: I know, who really would be caught dead in a goodwill? I would! I found a Burberry trench, just my size for $11. No joke. Its a very pretty coat. I also found a grey saks coat there for $15. Every once in a while, I pop in for a few minutes and see if there is anything good… and believe me, it pays off.

Every city carries different options as far as discounted shopping goes, so take a look around and see what you can find.


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